Kris Davidson

Boulder, CO + traveling



 Thank you so much for your interest in Kris’s work.   Below you will find information on inquiring about his Art and Tattoo work.

Artwork : If you are interested in contacting Kris about a drawing, painting, sculpture, participation in a show, or any other creative project please contact him directly at

Tattoo : Please read through before inquiring about scheduling a tattoo.  Please note that booking is limited.  Clients are scheduled based on relevancy of what Kris is interested in tattooing rather than the chronology of peoples inquiries.     

DESIGN :   Kris mainly works geometrically, but will consider working figuratively.  He occasionally tattoos animals, plants, and such though geometry is his intrinsic visual language.   Please keep your ideas simple and clear and know that Kris only wants to work with people that give him a lot of creative freedom.   Scale wise,  Kris is interested in larger scale projects.  

MONEY :  For most work that is smaller in scale/able to be completed in one day, Kris charges 250/hr.  For longer projects he will either quote a lower hourly rate or one price for the overall piece.   Deposits are 250 and will go towards the final price of the tattoo.  Deposits are generally non refundable and your appointment is confirmed upon paying (read below about when to pay).   

SCHEDULING : If you would like to schedule an appointment please fill out the checklist below and send it to  Please wait until a date is offered before paying the deposit.  Once you are scheduled and a design direction/idea has been clarified then you will most likely be asked to either come in for a consultation or to send in reference pictures of where the tattoo is going on your body.   From here Kris will design your tattoo and he asks that you trust in his process as your design will not be shown until the day of your appointment.  Yes this requires a leap of faith and that is an important part of the overall process.    


-What will this tattoo mean to you/what is your intention in getting tattooed?

-What do you want to get tattooed?

-Please attach 1-3 picture references of Kris’s work that you resonate with stylistically.  

-What stylistic elements of Kris’s work appeals to you most and/or anything you don’t like?

-Where on our body do you want to get tattooed?

-Do you have other tattoos?

-Are you local to Boulder/Denver area or where are you from?

-Months, days, times that work for you?  No need to specify unless you need too.

-Phone number?

tattoo down payment