At the core, all of my work is rooted in geometry. I’ve been devoted to exploring this for most of my life. When I was a child I drew mazes. In my teens I doodled patterns that found refinement in my drawings that eventually led into my paintings. These paintings, my drawings, all of my tattoos, the new sculpture that is emerging…..are all connected through my inclination towards geometrical patterning.

On one level its a practical thing that everything is composed of lines, dots, and shapes. The micro to the macro, when you really look into it anything and everything is geometry. Through a more mystical lens, geometry is the language of interconnection throughout the multidimensional universe that we are all apart of. My work is a visually poetic response to this language that connects and underpins all.

My hope is that something greater comes through my work in the sharing of it. A spark of inspiration, something that uplifts and expands ones ability to see more clearly, to reflect , to feel, to connect, to contribute and offer to the world around them in a more positive, authentic, and more sustainable way.


People often ask what my tattoos mean. They are Talismans. In the case of these Talismans being tattooed meaning is a combination of my creative energy and intuition, the clients energy, and most importantly the clients intent of what they want it to mean. This can be defined in one moment or or evolve and change with time.